All the way from Australia

We have been looking forward to Lynettes visit for so long and now its been and gone.... we had just such a wonderful time all the classes went wonderfully and far exceeded everyones expectations.   Lynette opened her suitcase within  8 hrs of landing and out popped the most amazing pile of wonderful quilts and so much inspiration..  I have always been a fan of Lynettes work but when you actually see the quilts and cushions in real life everyone was left in awe at all her beautiful work.

The trunck show was equally brilliant and gave us a wonderful insight into Lynettes early life and family, I am ashamed to say I did not know just how mad Lynette was on her dog Hugo, but he features in so much work and my MR T and Winston found it really exciting to have a dog lover all the way from Australia.  Excitingly we have plans for a return visit one day, but in the meantime everyone learnt so much and we are looking forward to receiving new patterns, buttons and Lynettes new book which we can take pre orders for, we do have her current book Country Cottage quilting so get ready for new projects and thanks a million Lynette, good luck for the rest of your tour to France Holland and back to London you are amazing.........   no jet lag you might even get me on a plane to OZ