Rainy Days in Cornwall Continues!

Hi Everyone, Hope you are enjoying the excellent summer weather!, someone sent me an email saying summer had forgotten to install this year!!! Never mind we have all been busy quilting away........ had a brilliant  Celebrate Renovate and Sew pretty I think everyone was very pleased with their end results,  see next blog pic.,then Charlotte Yde from Denmark and Steen her husband arrived for Charlottes week of teaching,  everyone actually got sewing after using their Bernina soft ware and the results were excellent thank you Charlotte who is so patient and teaching computers in a second language which makes me feel so guilty that I can only say bonjour!!! when foreign visitors come to the shop. We have had loads of visitors and if it is your first time and I havn't personally welcomed you thank you so much for coming , we love seeing you and are here to help and make your sewing good.  Charlotte a few years ago on one of her visits gave me a lovely quilt called rainy days in Cornwall,  a quilt about putting up our poly tunnel which now produces most of  the salad leaves etc for the cafe.  Rain or no rain we had a brilliant ROCK night in the cafe last saturday thanks to  "Some Other Guys" we Rocked the night away.........even Ali danced can you recognize her in the picture.  Its full steam ahead for preparing for the summer exhib, if you havnt entered a cushion or quilt there is still time so KEEP ON SEWING  good way to ignore the endless rain hammering on the window while I write this!!  JO