Exhibitions at Cowslip

Cancelled - We are sorry but due to the Corona Virus, this exhibition has been postponed.

Material Evidence

An exhibition of new work by Quilt Art

Cowslip Barn

23 March – 5 April 2020

This exhibition celebrates the adventurous spirit and rich legacy of women artists who make art through quilting and textiles.   

Material Evidence explores the themes of memory and the power of stitch.   It was inspired by the life and textile art of Mary Fogg, a founder member of the group and influential quilt artist, who died in 2016 at the age of 95. 

The first group of its kind in Europe, Quilt Art was founded in Britain in 1985 to develop the quilt as an artistic medium and promote its recognition as an art form.  Its 19 members are all leading practitioners who exhibit nationally and internationally. 

All the artists take as their starting point the quilt as a cultural artefact with its unique aesthetic qualities, but they are extremely diverse in their interpretation and the work does not necessarily conform to the traditional definition of a ‘quilt’. 

Quilt Art mounts travelling exhibitions every two or three years in Britain and Europe and has also exhibited in the United States, Canada, Japan and Russia.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a book featuring all the quilts.


THE EXE-VALLEY CONTEMPORARY QUILT GROUP meet the artists 6-9pm Thursday 9th april

Cowslip Barn

10 - 19 April 2020

Most of our members met through being Region 4 members of the Contemporary Quilt group, which is a special interest group of the Quilters Guild of the British Isles. Region 4 covers Dorset, Devon and Cornwall, and we also have members from nearby Somerset.  We meet in Woodbury Village Hall, near Exeter--- as that seems to be a central point, for our extensive region. We use traditional patchwork and quilting techniques, with a contemporary twist and enjoy experimenting with modern tools and technology , to achieve the effects we want on our quilts. We have grown from 8 – 40 members, and so far, have shared our expertise at meetings, by demonstrating various techniques and experimenting in workshops. If you are interested in joining us, please contact Penny Armitage penny_armitage@hotmail.com or  tel: 01598 710757


This was our exhibition theme in 2018 – to make original quilts inspired by anything  connected with trees : -- woodland, forests, their bark, leaves, branches, roots, etc. We also held a Journal Quilt challenge , to create 3 seasonal versions of the same tree – A4 size – designed to improve observational and drawing skills! And then we made a group Quilt – ‘Bark’ – 24 members responded , making 28 different versions of tree-bark, which were then assembled into a Group quilt, which  won 3rd place in the Group quilts section at the Festival of Quilts in August 2018. We hope you enjoy all these very different ideas and techniques we have used!

Sticks and Stones

This, our latest collection of Quilts, was inspired by the success of  ‘The Wall’,  our Group Quilt based on local  dry stone walls.  ‘Sticks and Stones’, then came to mind as the title of the  next challenge for Exe Valley CQ group. I’m expecting creative, original quilts inspired by anything from beach  pebbles  to Standing  Stones; hockey sticks or even chop sticks to pit props, beach groynes or fences ! Cowslip will be the first showing of this new collection. What would you make?

meet the artists 6-9pm Thursday 9th april

meet the artists 6-9pm Thursday 9th april

Over the Border Stitchers exhibiting in the barn 10th - 19th April meet the artists 6-9pm Thursday 9th april