Exhibitions at Cowslip

Exciting Exhibitions @ Cowslip for 2017


22nd July - 17th August

A Quilt Exhibition to include "A View through the Window" quilts, Jo's free monthly stitchery quilts and quilts from Lynette Anderson classes.


Tuesday 15th August BBQ 5pm - 6.30pm followed by a talk at 7pm £15

"All About Quilting" Sandy Chandler, Lynette Anderson & Jo Colwill                      

A talk by 3 inspirational ladies about both hand and machine quilting covering choosing wadding and designs. The talk will be preceeded by a BBQ which includes fish and vegetarian options and a simple pudding.


26th August - 3rd September


An exhibition of quilts by Sheena Norquay, Gillian Travis, Hilary Gooding and guests, Phillida Fisher and Odette Tolksdorf.

10 – 4.30

Admission Free

During the following talks on 30th August the exhibition will not be open to the public. Tickets cost £5 per talk whch is all for charity.

Playing with Threads by Sheena Norquay, at 11am

Small is Beautiful, by Hilary Gooding, at 3pm

Gillian Travis, Hilary Gooding and Sheena J Norquay met while teaching at the Quit Symposium in Durban, South Africa in July 2015. They stayed with Hilary’s sister Phil Fisher after the Symposium and visited some fabric shops selling African fabrics as well as visiting Odette Tolksdorf, a leading South African quilt artist, introduced to them by Phil. Gillian set a challenge for the 5 quilters to make a piece using the African fabrics.

While teaching at the Cowslip workshops, Jo Colwill asked Sheena if she would be interested in having an exhibition and so Sheena thought it would be an excellent opportunity to display the 5 pieces as well as displaying her own work, Gillian’s and Hilary’s.

Gillian, Hilary and Sheena have very different styles of work and will show pieces made on different themes as well as African inspired pieces which link them together.


14th - 15th October

Apple & Harvest Event - An exhibition of apple & harvest quilts, apple pressing, Steve making cider and all things apple!


17th - 18th November - Christmas Fair @ Cowslip

10am - 6pm - Friday 17th November

10am - 5pm - Saturday 18th November


17th November - 26th November

Exhibition of students Christmas quilts.  Please note "Pop-Up" classes will be running throughout the week of the Christmas exhibition.