African Odyssey


1 Day Workshop

Sat, 25th June, 2022

10:00am - 4:00pm

Taking inspiration from the African Fabrics themselves. I will guide you on how to make a unique piece of work. Using patchwork and/or appliqué with appropriate quilting this is a chance for you to experiment with some of the wonderful African fabrics or African inspired prints available today. This is a design as you go workshop, each student will work individually. Methods of quilting, embellishing and finishing techniques will also be discussed.

Please bring the following with you:

An assortment of African fabric, approximately 2 metres in total: African fabric can be purchased from  

Magie now has Janice Gunner Inspiration packs for sale or colour themed packs suitable for this workshop. Choose a colour scheme you like to work with or a random selection. That’s all part of the fun of this workshop. I will bring a few extra fabrics of my own in case you need to add a few more!

1 metre backing fabric in light weight cotton

1 piece of wadding, approx. 1metre - I use Hobbs Heirloom (80% cotton/20%polyester). You will use this as your design “wall” and later for the actual quilt.

½ metre Bond-a-Web or similar

Sewing kit, needles, thread and scissors etc.

Sewing Machine, instruction book and accessories

A selection of threads for both machine and hand stitching

Rotary Cutter, Cutting Mat and ruler

Note Pad, Pencil, eraser, fine line black pen and masking tape.


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