Bag Lady


2 Day Workshop

Sat, 17th October, 2020 to Sun, 18th October, 2020

10:00am - 4:00pm

In this two day workshop you will make a bag, the size will be your choice, lined and with inner pockets, You will also make embellishments to stitch on, e.g. log cabin patches, screen printed text, free motion embroidered flowers, whatever takes your fancy to make your bag uniquely yours. You will also be able to choose to have leather handles or fabric.

Student requirements

Sewing machine, feed dogs down and embroidery foot (if you want to use this technique).

Zipper & buttonhole feet
Basic sewing kit
Pencil and paper
Selection of fabrics, the amount depends on the size of choice of bag/bags! (you may make more than 1)

Roughly 2½ times the size. I make from pieces lying around and stitch them together.

Fabric for lining


Selection of threads

8” zip if there’s time we will also make a pouch, the length of the zip determines the width of your pouch less half an inch or so, so if you want to make it larger or smaller bring the size zip you would like to use.

Optional, waxed/waterproof fabric if you want to use it for the base of the bag. Available from Cowslip. (½ metre will be plenty)

We will make the handles from fabric but if you want to add a leather strap, Merchant and Mills sell hardware kits, includes leather strap, d rings and rivets and there are websites that sell ready made leather handles.

I have some I can bring and belts from charity shops are all an option. But you can make a very strong fabric handles

Fabrics, they don't need to be too heavyweight but fairly substantial and you can use fabrics from Cowslip and interlining or wadding if your bag is quilted to make it stronger, or fabrics from your own stash.

Make sure your electrical equipment (sewing machine) has been recently PAT tested.