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Beginners Appliqué and Beyond focusing on Baltimore


6 Week Class

Tue, 3rd August, 2021 to Tue, 7th September, 2021

Every Tuesday for 6 weeks

10:00am - 3:00pm

Each week I will show a new simple and complex Baltimore block which incorporate different appliqué techniques. The complex blocks will have a seasonal theme, with 12 blocks in all and a centre design that can be copied or adapted to your own taste. I will show how to make paste ups for your own blocks and unique family information.   Starting with basic appliqué techniques and description of traditional Baltimore either go down the traditional route or use the ideas to develop your own blocks and quilt designs, appliqué  is so rewarding and I think so relaxing but it takes time to get in practice and perfect your stitches.  This is definitely hand sewing.


• Approximate finished size of quilt

• Selection of washed Fabrics - calico, muslin, light or dark plain or assortment of fabrics to use as base fabric (enough for quilt project if wishing to use matching calico or muslin throughout)

For appliqué: plains and prints, either traditional reds and green with highlights of blue and gold or multi-coloured or sorted into a particular selection of colours to suit student

• Books or Pictures - for inspiration and ideas

• Notebook, pens, pencils, ruler, template  (plastic or card), tracing paper and layout pad

• Pritt-Stick, masking tape, fine black felt pen

• Basic sewing kit  - to include fabric and paper scissors and fine, small, sharp scissors

Light box and freezer paper will be available for students’ use, and a selection of fabrics. Calico and wadding and threads will be available for purchase