Christmas Or Winter I Love Log Cabin


1 Day AND/OR 2 Day

Sat, 26th October, 2019 to Sun, 27th October, 2019

10:00am - 4:00pm

Log cabin is one of those designs that can be sew!!!! simple with largish strips like 2.5” or going the other way cutting 1” or even 3/4”, the good thing is that it is excellent for using up all sorts of scrap fabrics.  You just need to divide the colours into a light and dark category or can go further and add a medium, if you choose a pictorial centre to the block you cant rotate so it needs planning but if you just have a multi fabric that you can rotate once you have made the blocks the design possibilities are endless.  This class will have a twist to the log cabin you will learn different techniques which can be made into a throw, cushions or table runner or mats.  You can put a little cabin in the middle of the blocks or appliqué snow man. You can also save time and quilting by sewing directly onto cotton wadding, using up bits is fine !


  • Cotton Wadding.
  • Card or template plastic to make 9” or 11” template for wadding.
  • Sewing Machine, in good working order with instruction manual. Rotary Cutting Equipment, and good permanent black felt pen. Basic Sewing kit and sewing thread to blend with fabric.
  • Selection of Christmassy pre-washed scrap fabrics to be sorted into:

            1. Multi-coloured Light and Dark pile  OR ...

            2. Two contrasting sets of colour (e.g. Light green and dark green, or red and blue)

Students can prepare strips prior to the class I would suggest that we work on 1” wide finished strips, so cut 1.5”, by the full width of the fabric, what ever that might be. You will end up with a selection of long and short, light and dark strips (if you store these in boxes it helps to keep the cut edges in nice sharp order ). These need to be as accurate as possible.  You might want to leave all cutting until I have done a description on the first class as there are several options and we will have time between classes for you to sew!!   A jelly roll also works very well and half the cutting is done for you the finished width of those strips is 2”  but by quilting down the middle it looks like more work and is very quick and effective. Once you have mastered the technique you can then be more adventurous with cutting narrower strips.