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Double Wedding Ring Quilt


2 Day Workshop

Sat, 18th September, 2021 to Sun, 19th September, 2021

10:00am - 4:00pm

Wedding Ring quilts have always been a favourite with me - soft calico, pastel colours and lovely quilting. Recently I have made further use of the templates making a very simple flannel quilt which is simply quilted and tied, it has a lovely simple cosy feel. The process can now be "speeded up" by using Marti Michell's rotary cutting templates, which eliminates all that hand cutting and drawing. A wonderful, special wedding or anniversary present or just a nice quilt to have, particularly with a scalloped edge finish.

Students requirements

Washed Calico or background fabric, 5m @ 45” or 2.2m @ 108”If wanting to make a large quilt or 3m for smaller, some people like to finish with a calico border I prefer the scalloped or piped edge, in which 3/4m calico will be enough.

.75cms of two colours for the end pieces - these colours usually represent male and female like pink and blue, pink and green. They can be plain and often are in old quilts, but I did use a subtle pattern and it looked good

The arcs can be done in one piece, but I am using lots of pieces. They can all be of mixed scrap pastel flowers, little prints or stronger colours or whatever you prefer, but a good mixture of patterns. It can be totally scrap unless you would like to be more organized, then it can be 6 or 12 fabrics that you repeat (total will be approx 4.5 to 5m). If you use mixed scrap you don’t have to worry, or the quilt could be done in dark Amish colours

Rotary cutting equipment, including small cutter if possible (28mm)

Sewing kit, including scissors and thread to match a colour that blends well with all fabrics., plus sewing machine and 1/4” foot

Students fabric requirements - flannel version (robbing Peter to pay Paul)

2 metres each of 2 x contrasting/complimentary flannels for the quilt middle

2 & 1/2 metres of complimentary flannel for the border, I used a fine stripe & mitred the corners which doesn't have to be scary!