Easy-sew up-cycled sketchbook


1 Day

Sat, 23rd November, 2019

10:00am - 4:00pm

(junk journal, smash book, scrap book, inspiration journal).

A non glue, machine or hand stitched binding using found and recycled papers.

Give an old book a new lease of life by using its’ covers to house your very own sketchbook or journal. Make a themed inspiration book using specifically chosen papers or use a variety of recycled papers for your thoughts and drawings.

Perfect as a base for mixed media, as a prompt for creative writing or art journaling.


Sewing machine – one you preferably don’t mind using for stitching through paper (please don’t bring brand new fancy machines), a few threads in fun colours with matching top and bobbin thread.


Sewing materials for stitching by hand – strong buttonhole thread, linen thread or dental floss works really well.

Basic kit for both machine & hand sewing:

Cutting Knife & Mat



Masking tape or 1 or 2 colourful washi tapes in your favourite colour/s (can be found in many art supply stores, not too expensive 99p upwards).

Strong self adhesive tape: I use a combination of all three below, have a look for colours & see what you prefer.

Book-cloth tape bought from bookbinding supplier: (Shepherds Bookbinders Ltd, 30 Gillingham Street, London, SW1V 1HU United Kingdom). This is the most expensive option.

OR Duct tape, this now comes in bright colours or fun decorative patterns (The Range & Hobby Craft)

OR Sail repair tape, a waterproof fabric tape (found at boat chandlers) comes in a wide variety of colours.

Big bulldog clips x2 to help hold pages in place whilst stitching

If hand sewing:

Needle – darning or tapestry needle is ideal, anything with a large eye. I will bring several.

Awl – to pierce pages for stitching, strong but not too thick, a heavy duty carpet needle, hat pin or old fashion nappy pin.


Bone folder: Either plastic or bone. I have several of these for students to use, however, I would recommend you buy one of these if you undertake lots of paper work, I find this is an essential piece of equipment in my tool kit.

Ruler – metal preferable



An old second hand book/s that you don’t mind cutting up, perhaps with an interesting cover but this is not essential. The size of your chosen book cover is important though if you are using a sewing machine. You are governed by the amount of space you have between your machines’ foot and the right hand side or main body of your machine, so you don’t want anything too big or you won’t be able to get it under your sewing foot. However size is not an issue if hand sewing.

Paper for pages: The world is your oyster, use anything as long as it’s light to medium weight paper, nothing too thick.

Old magazines, mail order clothing catalogues, last year’s calendar, book pages, good quality wrapping paper, paper bags, brown paper, envelopes, packaging, birthday or greeting cards. Plain, lined, square or graph paper. Your own pre painted pages. Varying the size and colour of your pages we will create different layers and add visual interest as you flip through the book.