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Embroidered story books and stitched garments


2 x 2 day workshops

Thu, 23rd July, 2020

10:00am - 4:00pm

Embroidered story books and stitched garments.

Jessie will be returning to Cowslip in 2020 with a fresh and exciting workshop which will as usual be two days in length. This workshop will run each side of the Cowslip summer fair. These two workshops will explore and celebrate jessie's unique style of fine hand embroidery and appliqué. Focussing on embroidered text, using your needle and thread as a tool for drawing directly on to your chosen fabric. Exact datesprice to be confirmed so please register your interest for now.

During these workshops jessie will also be exhibiting some of her new embroidery pieces (in the Cowslip studio) that she is currently working on all which are stitched directly on to found and vintage items of clothing.The items of clothing Jessie uses become her base fabric or canvas. This new work that Jessie will have been developing during her time away from Cowslip since summer 2018 will be inspiration for her 2020 workshops here at Cowslip.

Jessie’s new work is very densely stitched containing words and illustrations and scenes that she creates from snippets of text and images that she continues to collect.  

During these workshops you will be guided through jessie’s signature style and approach to embroidery with a little talk in person by jessie at the start of each workshop. The workshop days will focus on you working and creating one finished piece as well as learning several of Jessie's embroidery and appliqué techniques.

During the workshops you will be working on plain linen to create your own illustration which can be framed or made in to a stitched book. There will also be the opportunity to work directly on and in to a vintage piece of clothing which once complete can also be framed,the choice will be yours on the day.

Please bring the following items with you:

1-A sharp pair of scissors 

2-Pins and sewing needles

3-Assorted fabric scraps

4-Larger pieces of fabric ie a piece of linen or vintage tea cloth that could be used as a base fabric

5-A vintage cotton dolls or Childs dress to stitch on and in to, There will also be small items of clothing provided by jessie to purchase for use at this workshop

6-Buttons, lace, vintage finds ribbons etc

7-Favourite embroidery threads 

Materials kit provided for you at £5 to be paid directly to Jessie on the day.


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