Introduction to Machine Quilting Part 1


1 Day

Sat, 19th February, 2022

10:00am - 4:00pm

Machine Quilting is a very personal and is not the magic solution for finishing a quilt, but when practised with patience it is much quicker than hand quilting and creates different types of texture. I will explain my way of machine quilting and will encourage students to work on excercises during the day experimenting with different threads etc to build up their confidence so that they too, can machine quilt. To be fully conversant with your sewing machine will be a definite advantage.


  • Sewing machine in good working order, including darning foot, walking foot and instruction manual – to be familiar with your machine would be very helpful!
  • Quilting or general needles (705, 80/14) – good quality, ie Bernina or Schmetz
  • Approx .50cms of cotton fabric and .50cms of 2oz COTTON wadding
  • One metre of calico or washed, plain cotton – an old piece will do!
  • Fat Q or similar with a pattern to trace, such as flowers or animals
  • Basic sewing kit, pencil, ruler, light and dark marking pencils
  • Any available threads - I like to quilt with Aurafil 50 or YLI, but will have samples available
  • I will have scraps of wadding and will provide 505 spray, which cuts out pins and tacking