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Introduction to Patchwork and Quilting Part 1


1 Day

Sat, 12th February, 2022

10:00am - 4:00pm

An introduction to using a rotary cutter and machine piecing which speeds up the process of quilt making, this still keeps the character of the quilt, discussion about choosing colours, demonstration of simple hand quilting or ties, It is hard to finish a quilt in a day but this will be a good introduction and you should get well on with a project.

This will be a day to learn the basic techniques of cutting and simple design, using either just squares or triangles as well.  I will explain how to make templates for hand stitching but also the use of rotary cutter and machine piecing using ¼” foot which speeds up the process.  You will start piecing and have a plan of how to finish and how to quilt, as it is impossible to finish in the day.  The main thing is to have fun… not stress, possibly use up or incorporate old fabrics or children’s dresses.  Basic explanation of quilting threads and stitches, will also explain /demo bonded appliqué.


 Basic sewing kit to include: paper and fabric scissors, pins, sewing threads to match or grey or colour to blend with all, for piecing, also to match your appliqué fabric 

 Rotary Cutter, Cutting Mat, Ruler (Omnigrid type) if you have to bring with you, if not you can borrow or purchase in our shop with 10% discount if you buy all three. 

 Sewing machine, in good working order with instruction manual (optional can sew by hand) 

 Template card/ Cereal pack is fine, fine black felt pen, Pritt stick or glue, pencils and note book 

 Fabrics: You will need approximately 2-3 metres in total made up of scraps, whatever colours you like, this can be one range of colours like all soft pinks, or mixed brights, whatever you fancy, don’t be afraid to add in odd bits of fabric that you have as long as they are cotton and not worn out including stripes and checks.   NOT HEAVY LINEN OR VELVET AS IT IS HARD TO SEW. If you would like to make lap size quilt you will only need about 1.5m i.e. 6 fat q’s then approx. 1m for the outer border and long quarter of 25cms for small inner border. Can use pre-cut charm pack or layer cake. 

 You can use left over fabrics for the back or I will explain how I make my backs as you probably wont get to it on the day. 

 16” sandwich quilt sample in old fabric just to have a practice quilting if you have one, if not we can provide.. 

 Quilting threads: cotton perle or Guterman (probably not used on the day, but I will recommend how to quilt and what to use) 

We have an extensive range of fabrics, threads, wadding and equipment in our well-stocked shop