Little Books of Africa


1 Day Workshop

Mon, 27th June, 2022

10:00am - 4:00pm

An opportunity to make a series of hand stitched fabric books using unique African fabrics.

Using fragments of Indigo & Kola nut dyed fabrics to create mini collages on each page before binding them into a little book with a Bark Cloth cover. The book will be entirely hand stitched and you will work with textile collage techniques, then add decorative hand embroidery to each page.

Other books than can be made during the day include a Scroll, a Japanese bound book or  a concertina book which can be viewed page by page or pulled out and seen as one long narrative. You will work onto the base of a single length of strip cloth, creating a textile collage, enhanced with hand embroidery.

Little Books of Africa Requirements List

Basic Hand Sewing Kit including various sizes of needles and scissors that will cut fabric & thread

Rotary cutter if you have one.

A selection of machine weight threads in neutral, pale grey, dark blue & rusty brown/ orange colours.

A selection of embroidery threads from fine to medium weight (stranded thread & perle ideal) in various colours – blue, cream/white, rusty oranges & browns and yellows or Pinks, purples & greens

Liz will provide a selection of threads to use if needed.

Liz will provide a kit of specialist fabrics £20 – 25  payable to her on the day.