Machine Embroidery Taster Day


1 Day

Fri, 12th June, 2020

10:00am - 4:00pm

Come along with your sewing machine and join me and a group of like- minded stitchers and sew up the mysteries of free Machine Embroidery. Bring along a drawing, picture or a photograph that inspires you. Using a sumptuous array of threads in a variety of colours and thickness and working with your own sewing machine, you will learn how to translate your original design into your very own picture of stitches, jewellery item or embroidery piece. Aspects covered will be: creating a design, placing imagery, incorporating a background and a fore ground into the design and how to finish and present the finished piece of work to its full and deserved potential.

Students will have the opportunity of not only embroidering onto cotton fabrics, but also working with the magical soluble fabric, where all the fabric disappears and only the sumptuous machine embroidery is left! The workshop is designed for the novice or the more confident stitcher who wishes to explore the numerous techniques and textures created by threads and stitch, not to mention the delight of sewing and working with colour to create pictorial machine embroidery.



Requirements for the Workshop

  • An Electric sewing machine, in good working order which can drop the dog feed teeth or has a plate that fits over the teeth.
  • Your sewing machine manual.
  • Sewing machine accessories (oil, screwdriver, etc.)
  • A darning foot/machine embroidery foot.
  • Size 80 needles.
  • Hand sewing needles.
  • Calico, medium/ heavy weight. (Approx. 50cm/half a yard)
  • Note book and pen, pencil, paper, ruler.
  • 8”/20cm wooden embroidery hoop.
  • Embroidery/sharp scissors.
  • Any threads you have, machine embroidery thread or ordinary dress making thread.
  • All bobbin spools.
  • Any hand embroidery threads you have.
  • Stitch and Tear- stabilising fabric.
  • Reference materials such as: pictures, drawings, books, photographs, patterning- visual material that interests you.


Please remember

  • It is very important that your machine is in good working order and that the dog feed teeth can be dropped, or that a plate can be fitted over the teeth.
  • Please bring all your machine tools and the machine manual.
  • Please bring as much as you can from the equipment list, if however you do not have any of the list, I always bring everything with me, and items can be purchased at a small cost.