Sashiko Quilting


1 Day

Mon, 5th September, 2022

10:00am - 4:00pm

The term SASHIKO (from SASU, to Pierce), refers to the Japanese art of stitching one or more layers of cloth with

 simple running stitch, and can also apply to completed fabric - Quilting

Sashiko was done throughout Japan, primarily by women. Made by and for the rural poor who were unable to buy new cloth

Traditionally white cotton double stranded  thread running, and darning stitches on indigo Sukumo even weave cloth.

We will look at  various stitch patterns -   design and make six fabric coasters

I will bring sashiko patterns and cloths.




Students requirements

Please bring:- Please do not buy anything just bring what you have ……..


Any Indigo  - dyed -  Shibori -  fabrics.    +  complementary coloured fabrics

Hand sewing kit -  pins - scissors, needle case,  stranded cotton /sashiko threads

Sketchbook and pencil, ruler, water-soluble pen

There will be beautiful examples of Ranru and Japanese cloths & sashiko needles.