Shibori Dyeing with Indigo


2 Days

Thu, 4th June, 2020 to Fri, 5th June, 2020

10:00am - 4:00pm

During the course you will be introduced to the magical and ancient art of Indigo Dyeing. Fabrics will be prepared in a variety of tie dye/shibori techniques before being immersed in your own individual indigo vat. The results will surprise and amaze you and you will leave with a set of samples for future use in textile work. Alternatively you might just want to keep them as a reference for future projects!
Please bring the following equipment with you:
Standard size round plastic bucket (it must hold more than 5 litres)
Plastic Tray (a clean cat litter tray will do)
Apron, face mask and rubber gloves – wear old clothes!
Plastic sheet to cover table and newspapers to protect floor
1 litre (minimum volume) Plastic Metric measuring jug - this can be shared
Cling film (class can share a roll) and Kitchen paper
Wooden stick or an old wooden spoon to stir the vat
Water erasable marker pen
Note pad and pen. Digital camera (optional)
Items to tie into fabrics - such as glass beads, marbles, small stones etc.
Strong thread (polyester or cotton) to use for tying and stitching
Soft string
Sewing kit – scissors, needles etc.
Fabric: bring an assortment of natural fabrics such as cotton, cotton lawn, silk, fine linen and rayon.
Pre-wash fabrics in non-biological washing product (unless they are PFD - prepared for dyeing) and dry. Do not use fabric softener.
You will need a maximum total of approx. 2 metres; I suggest buying half metres of 4 of the above. Cut some of the fabrics into 12” (30 cm) squares ready to use for stitched resist samples.
I will bring a selection of items for the class to use such as templates, pegs, clips and poles for some of the shibori techniques. If you have any others of your own please bring them.
I will supply the Indigo dye and auxiliaries needed for your dye vats. Cost £5.00 per person.
My book Shibori for Textile Artists is available from my website (signed copy) or Amazon (please note the paperback copy is the US version and has not been updated) if you wish to purchase a copy before the course to pre-prepare some of the techniques
© Janice Gunner 2015