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Stories in Stitch


2 x 2 day workshops

Thu, 22nd July, 2021 to Tue, 27th July, 2021

10:00am - 4:00pm

This workshop will focus on Jessie’s signature hand embroidered illustrations incorporating embroidered lettering and appliqué techniques. These two day workshops will start with a simple talk, and Jessie showing you her original art works. Jessie will then go on to direct you as a group and individually, as she helps you to create your own stitched stories in her signature style of hand embroidery and appliqué. You will be working on a natural linen fabric as your base, and to let your personal story unfold on and in to. You will be show by Jessie her favourite stitch techniques, including her signature style of couching, running, stem and back stitch. Jessie will also be sharing with you her simple needle turned appliqué techniques to create your own stitched stories and imagines directly in and on to your base cloth. During this two day workshop, you will be working with Jessie to create a densely covered illustration that can be framed or Hung as a sampler at home once complete.

Requirements list

You will be given a simple kit in person from Jessie at the start of this workshop priced at £10.00 and to be paid directly to Jessie on the day. This kit will include a linen base fabric and hand cut appliqué shapes. But please also bring with you your own sewing tools and any favourite embroidery threads. Please also bring fabric scraps that you may like to incorporate, these can be small scraps in soft whites or various colours and patterns. Odd small paper scraps i.e. old postcards, letters, travel tickets.  Odd charms, buttons, small keys and other personal ephemera are also good to bring as they may become stitched in to your personal story during this workshop. Think of personal items and things that hold a story for you. Odd lace and ribbons are also useful.