Summer Quilt Class with Piecing & Appliqué


6 Weeks (excludes 15th June)

Thu, 25th May, 2017 to Thu, 6th July, 2017

Every Thursday 10am - 12.30pm or 7pm - 9.30pm

"We are all going to the show tomorrow or dancing with daisies"

 This might sound like a funny combination but combining appliqué and piecing come and either copy my designs or take the ideas and transform in to your own quilt. Dancing with Daiseis is another in the “daisy series” and can be just a small quilt if using the central panel only or make a full size double quilt, I just love hand appliqué but you can bond if preferred. Keeping the flower theme, add to it I have made a quilt all about a country show and what goes on in the flower tent and with the animals, I have used more bonded appliqué and some wool and raw edge techniques. Serious and fun quilts with a summer theme, if preferred you can just stick to a more simple repeated daisy or flower.


Basic sewing kit, to include Golden Eye appliqué needles, scissors, threads, etc

Sewing machine with ¼” foot and open toe 20 for appliqué as option to hand appliqué

Rotary cutting set (if available), paper & fabric scissors, threads to match fabrics

Tracing paper or layout pad, if wishing to alter basic design

Dancing with Daisies, you will need !m each of 2 fabrics that co-ordinate, one for the centre circle and another for the outside, then 1m of something for the daisy flowers fat q for the centres and .50cms for the stems . If you wish to make the quilt bigger you will need 2.5m of the outer fabric for the outer border and approx 12 fat q’s for pieced patchwork between the inside and outer border also I would double your daisy fabrics, unless you would like different colour daisies, matching thread for the appliqué

We are all going to the show tomorrow, approx 1m for the centre of the quilt I have then surrounded with lots of different fabrics for grass, flowers and icecream vans etc, you then need your scrap bag or bits for the animals, like cows sheep and horses and people, some white for the marquee, possibly red for tractors. Little mini quilts and bunting are included it is very fun light hearted quilt