Teddy Bears - 2 Days


2 Days

Fri, 25th October, 2019 to Fri, 1st November, 2019

Friday 25th October & Friday 1st November

10:00am - 4:00pm

Anyone who has seen Jan’s delightful teddy bears will want to come along and make their very own, to take home! All the bears are different and each one takes on its very own character. The course has been arranged with sewing time in between and the pattern will be available from Jan. 


  • Sewing machine, including extension lead and instruction manual
  • Hand sewing equipment, including needles, pins and small very sharp scissors
  • Pens/pencils to mark the pattern on the fabric
  • Something fine and sharp to pierce the eye holes
  • 5” or 6” doll needle to insert the eyes
  • Smallish pointed long nose pliers to turn the cotter pin joints
  • Strong thread, ie button thread, which is strong enough to be pulled through the head (Not linen as it isn't strong enough, nylon works best) and tensioned when placing and fixing the eyes
  • Ordinary cotton sewing thread  (a variety of brown and natural colours to match whichever mohair colours you choose)
  • Perlé thread in black or brown for the nose – I use Anchor No 8, but No 12 is faster!
  • Polyester stuffing

Jan will bring mohair, glass eyes and cotter pin joints for purchasing on the day and will also have some strong thread if you don't have any.                                   Cotton to match the mohair is available to buy from the shop.