Value in colour


1 Day

Tue, 17th September, 2019

10:00am - 4:00pm

We all have unique preferences when it comes to colour. These loves and hates are valuable because they can express so much about our individuality. But when it comes to understanding how to manipulate this wonderful world of colour for our fabric work it is arguable that it is the contrast in the value, or relative light and dark, of pieces of fabric that it is essential to understand rather than whether the fabric is red, yellow or any other hue. This class will concentrate simply on that one aspect of colour - value. How light is that pink next to a bright yellow; how can we match the value of a purple with a green; what do I need to do to emphasise or perhaps disguise a particular shape or line within a design; how can we deal with the different values in a patterned piece of fabric? These are questions that lead to the skills that enable us to gain more control over design and our use of colour in general.

• Scissors for fabric and paper.
• A glue stick (UHU sticks are good) which will glue fabric to paper.
• A few A4 sheets of white paper.
• A notebook if you wish to keep any notes.
• Ruler, rubber, pencil sharpener,
• HB pencil and fabric marking pencils of your choice.
• Rotary cutter and board if you have them.
• Tweezers, not essential but useful for dealing with small bits of fabric.
• Photograph or magazine cutting with colours you like in it.
• A few small pieces of patterned fabric.
There will be a £2 per person fee for enough fabric the whole class