Western Weeds


1 Day Workshop

Fri, 2nd October, 2020

10:00am - 4:00pm

Working from a collection of photos or postcards, old receipts, brochures, we will create a folding book or collaged piece using these elements. The resulting piece will be a personal response to a favourite local plant or garden. Stitch, drawing and collage will be used. Paper and textile lamination will be explored and a full list of materials will be sent to you before the course. It is helpful to choose a theme or place and colour scheme beforehand to help with choosing materials.


• Printing blocks or rubber stamps relating to your theme and sketchbooks or images of your plant, or place/garden

• strong fabric 12 x 40 cm strip (cotton, linen union, thin canvas)

• tissue paper

• organza (clear or light colours) 12 x 40 cm strip and scraps

• scraps of fabric/paper, plain or patterned for printing

•sewing machine and threads

• handstitching kit

• ribbon

• pritt stick

- a sewing machine is optional but useful with a free motion foot