Alice Fox

Alice’s process-led practice is based on personal engagement with landscape and has sustainability at its heart. She is fascinated by the detail of organic things and her thoughtful work celebrates and carries an essence of what she experiences in the natural world. Her background in physical geography and nature conservation underpins her artistic practice.

Alice works with natural fibres and gathered materials, employing natural dyes, stitch, weave and soft basketry techniques. These elements come together in different combinations to create grouped surfaces and structures.  Found items form the focus of Alice’s response to a landscape. Alice takes an experimental approach to these found items: by engaging with the materials that she finds, manipulating them and experimenting, Alice learns about their properties, boundaries and possibilities. This exploration becomes a collaboration between object and artist.

Alice studied Contemporary Surface Design & Textiles at Bradford School of Arts & Media and MA in Creative Practice at Leeds Arts University. She works from her studio in Saltaire, West Yorkshire, UK. Alice exhibits, lectures and teaches workshops nationally and internationally. She is a member of the Textile Study Group and the Society of Designer Craftsmen.

Instagram & twitter: @alicefoxartist



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