Craft Workshops

Becky De'Ath

I have hand sewn and embroidered since I was a little girl, and fondly remember sitting with my grandmother as she taught me different embroidery stitches. Hand stitching for me is nostalgic, mindful, and a wonderful place to escape into my imagination. I am inspired by the countryside around me, and the changing seasons with its different flora and fauna, and the changing colours and hues. My fascination and love of English paper piecing and quilting began when I fell in love with Jane Austin’s quilt the fist time I saw it, when visiting her home and have since been to visit it many times. I combine English paper piecing, patchwork and quilting with my hand sewing and embroidery, and this allows my imagination to run wild and create beautiful pieces to enjoy, in my folksie country style. I use a mixture of different types of fabric and hand dyed wool in my designs, to add both texture and depth. I love to share my designs with others, and encourage the creativity and imagination in all of us. I look forward to meeting and stitching with you. 

Instagram: willowandharestitching

Becky De'Ath
Sat, 12th October, 2024 to Sun, 13th October, 2024
10:00am - 4:00pm