Maggie Bonanomi

I always seem to say I feel like I have been stitching and creating forever but I always have. I have spent most of my life moving, my father was in the Air Force and my husband was in the army so I learned to find ways to decorate my room, then later my home. Fabric was often the answer and I seem to get along very well with it, particularly hand dyed wools but sometimes linen, cotton and velvets. I have appliqued and hooked rugs for about 25 years and have designed projects and taught workshops for about the same. I have had the opportunity to write 8 books with the Kansas City Star and now have a new book with Martingale Publishing. My inspiration comes most often from the early to mid- nineteenth century. My home in Lexington, Missouri was built in 1841 with the addition being 1845 so I design what I might want to live with. My designs are primitive, colors are dark or muted, I do not embellish my work but use a simple whip stitch using the same thread throughout, Summer Brown by Coats and Clark. I am a very relaxed teacher and try to share things that make things easy, we often spend a great deal of time and sometimes money on these projects so I feel we should enjoy the process and the end result. I do enjoy the process of creating and like to share my love of stitching, teaching, traveling and making new friends are all lovely benefits of my work.

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