Tricia Warman Weaving

Tricia Warman

I think my love of  "sewing" comes from family roots. My Grandfather was a master weaver in China. Both my Grandmother and my Mother were dressmakers so fabric and sewing machines were very much part of my childhood. I taught Art for many years and eventually left to study Tapestry Weaving full time at West Dean College Chichester. Following this, I landed a job on a year long commission for the Palace of Westminster, Weaving a large Tapestry entitled Democracy 11, this now hangs in Portcullis House in Westminster---I do have my initials on the Selv edge! I now run Weaving/ stitching workshops in the south west from Cornwall to Surrey. I am passionate about fabric, particularly using worn cloth giving it anew life. I follow Indian Kantha traditions of running, back stitch and embellishment. My workshops now are having have developed into creative Kantha work. It is spontaneous. Each work is governed by the chosen fragments of cloth. Any image may be enhanced and the whole area is heavily stitched giving very tactile qualities. This has now been followed by indigo fabric and piecing "boro" style. It is a compulsive method and very thought provoking. Beware it is addictive!!!!

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