After Boro


1 Day

Mon, 8th June, 2020

10:00am - 4:00pm

Boro is the Japanese word for rags! These much sought after recycled garments and bed covers were repaired and reused out of necessity. Spend a day learning all about these unintended works of art. Taking inspiration from my real Japanese Boro and new pieces I have made in this style to make a small piece of your own using new or recycled cotton fabrics with simple piecing methods and relaxing Sashiko style hand stitching. 

Students requirements

·      Indigo dyed Shibori or similar fabrics

·      Any other indigo fabrics you may have and a little contrast fabric in red, green or rust colour works well too.

·      Rotary Cutter, Mat and ruler/rulers

·      Sewing Machine (Don’t forget your instruction book and power lead and foot pedal!) and needles – I use top stitch 80’s, they are easy to thread!

·      Sewing kit – scissors, pins, stitch ripper etc

·      Dark blue sewing thread for piecing

·      2-3 reels machine quilting thread (include a blue, gold or copper coloured metallic) or hand quilting thread (thicker, sashiko style works best)

·      ½ metre minimum each of backing fabric and wadding (the wadding can be used as a design wall while you are planning your piece)

·      ½ metre maximum of Bond-a-Web in case you want to applique (optional)

·      Note Pad and pencil

·      Digital Camera (optional)

·      Masking tape