Appliqué 4 Days


4 days

Tue, 28th June, 2022 to Fri, 1st July, 2022

10:00am - 4:00pm

This will be time to indulge in mainly  hand appliqué  but I will show various machine methods which can speed up the process and add extra texture. Whether you would like to copy one of my designs , such as one of my  daisy quilts, vintage bouquet, make simple repeat appliqué blocks or a strippy appliqué quilt, or start something new I will give tips and techniques of my way of designing using paste ups, choosing the fabric and certain parts of the fabric and stitching invisible stitching. Hopefully it will all be great fun and relaxing. I love hand but will also show machine appliqué with blanket stitch.


  • Basic sewing kit, to include Golden Eye appliqué needles,  small sharp scissors, threads, etc
  • Rotary cutting set (if available), paper & fabric scissors, threads to match fabrics
  • Tracing paper or A1 layout pad, if wishing to alter basic design
  • Sewing Machine in good working order, including 1/4” foot (if available) also open appliqué foot number 20 if you have a Bernina this is good for machine blanket stitch


Requirements - DAISIES IN MAY

  • There will be several design options and all quilts can be adapted to small or large quilts:
  1. Repeated daisy head – either appliquéd, Bondaweb or Stayflex onto squares – these can be limited colours on one background or multi check or patterned backgrounds with multi coloured daisies (this works well with flannels or wool)
  2. Varying coloured daisies on calico or pale background with green stems and leaves – one fabric for background and scraps for daisies (fat q’s fine)
  3. A strippy quilt with 3 rows of daisies, like a daisy chain
  • Three metres of background fabric (either calico or subtle pattern) This will make 5x 18” blocks and a small border
  • 5m for King size quilt this includes the 5 x 18” blocks and a 12” daisy chain border
  • 1m larger floral for large lattice
  • 1.5m small stripe or dot, for small lattice, small border on edge of blocks before big border and binding.
  • Selection of greens, approx. 4 fat q’s for leaves and stems
  • Either one colour or selection for daisies - approx. 1 metre in total
  • Yellowy/gold for centre of daisy 1 fat Q
  • 1/2 metre of Bondaweb or Stayflex if you wish to stick


Approx 12 mixed fat Q’s in tonal value, mixed patterns like stripe, spot, large and small floral check for infill around the centre daisy blocks

  • Eventually you will need 104” of backing fabric, this can be either calico or made of all bits and pieces to use up but not too dark so that it shows through to the front.
  • Either 104” square of polyester or cotton wadding but not too heavy for a big quilt.
  • Printed pattern and instructions £ 15.00



  • Approximate finished size of quilt
  • Selection of washed Fabrics - calico, muslin, light or dark plain or assortment of fabrics to use as base fabric (enough for quilt project if wishing to use matching calico or muslin throughout)

For appliqué: plains and prints, either traditional reds and green with highlights of blue and gold or multi-coloured or sorted into a particular selection of colours to suit student

  • Books or Pictures - for inspiration and ideas
  • The colour scheme is very personal so I probably need to talk to students individually about their requirements.

All the general sewing kit, black fine and think .05mm fibre pen tracing and layout pad as above.