'Create the Garden of your Dreams' Pictorial Machine Embroidery


2 Days

Sat, 14th September, 2019 to Sun, 15th September, 2019

10:00am - 4:00pm

Learn raw edge and applied appliqué with a combination of machine and hand stitch in this workshop collaboration between Linda and Jo.

Working from your initial idea, build up your layers of fabric to create your background, which can be either be stitched in to by hand or machine or both! Using a combination of fabric appliqué, machine embroidery and water-soluble embroidery build up a picture with depth and texture. When completed it can be framed as a picture or used as a cushion front or central panel for a quilt or bag.

 Students requirements

An Electric sewing machine, in good working order which can drop the dog feed teeth or has a plate that fits over the teeth. Your sewing machine manual.

Sewing machine accessories (oil, screwdriver, etc.)

A darning foot/machine embroidery foot.

Basic sewing kit to include machine needles.

Notebook, black sharpie pen, pencils.

Calico, medium/ heavy weight. (Approx. 50cm/half a yard) “& soluble fleece fabric for background.

Embroidery & sharp dressmaking scissors.

Any threads you have, machine and hand embroidery thread.

All bobbin spools.

Small buttons or beads.

Reference materials such as: pictures, drawings, books, photographs, patterning- visual material that interests you.

Please remember

It is very important that your machine is in good working order and that the dog feed teeth can be dropped, or that a plate can be fitted over the teeth.

Please bring all your machine tools and the machine manual.

Please bring as much as you can from the equipment list, if however you do not have any of the list, I always bring everything with me, and items can be purchased at a small cost.

Make sure your electrical equipment (sewing machine) has been recently PAT tested.