Introduction to Traditional Whole - Cloth quilts from the North East of England


Sun, 20th October, 2019

10:00am - 4:00pm

Suitable for all levels

This course will look at Quilts from the North East of England and Wales, from these quilts we will take our inspiration for this class, thus enabling you to create your own patterns, using traditional methods, including drawing, folding and cutting paper and using some domestic items, some stitching will be done, after transferring design to fabric. We will look at the patterns on the quilts in some detail and, through gentle exercises, learn how to draw and scale a variety of motifs found on these quilts. Patterns will include feathers, roses, cables and chains. When a variety of these motifs are put together a suitable design will be created for cushions or a small quilt.

student requirements

Please bring notepad and pencil for note taking.
Pad of A3 layout paper for folding and drafting patterns. ( I will have spare for you to use) Cheap brown wrapping paper, good for making patterns

Fabric for samples and quilt, plain light colour cotton fabric. I generally use a Cream coloured Calico.
Fabric for Samples 2 fat quarters, wadding scraps, these can be joined if required
Fabric for Cushion 2 fat quarters plus a fat quarter for the back. Small piece of wadding the same size, scrap not too small may be joined
Small quilt Two pieces fabric width square.
Wadding the same size as fabric for the small quilt.
Quilting thread, I usually use a colour to blend 1 or 2 shades darker than the fabric I’m working on.
Basic sewing kit inc paper scissors.