its time for a new dress! raggy jo and rabbits prepare for Easter


1 Day

Sat, 2nd March, 2019

10:00am - 4:00pm


Raggy Jo is having a revamp for easter and the bunnies are having new easter bonnets, raggy JO is having new dress ready for the easter bunny race! with Steve helping her, come and learn how to make the rag dolls or rabbits or both and dress them to your taste, you can use recycled clothing for the clothes felted jumpers, have fun and create a special gift or for you to keep. “Ours are under construction now” I need to sew forever!!!


For the rag doll you will need .50cms of washed calico could be slightly tea dyed, .50cms linen for hair and a fat quarter of stripe for the legs, bring a selection of fabric for an easter dress and jacket and a piece of linen for the hat, for the boy possibly cord or denim for dungarees, hat and old jumper would be useful to cut up for waistcoat, you might have an old watch or something for his pocket. Bit of spot for a pocket hanky and they are hoping to have a wool dog or horse accompanying them

  • For the rabbits .50cms of linen or check fabric and bits for the dress and dungarees
  • Basic Sewing Kit scissors etc threads to match and button box
  • Scrap clothing
  • Sewing machine and