Nature on the Farm


2 Day Workshop

Sat, 10th July, 2021 to Sun, 11th July, 2021

10:00am - 4:00pm

Spend two days in the wonderful surroundings of Cowslip Workshops making a collaged and appliqué fabric picture inspired by life on the farm. The wide variety nature animals birds and flowers found in a farm landscape will be our starting point. Along the way Rachel will be sharing some of the techniques used in my textile pictures and  letting the fabrics inspire ideas and build up a narrative. As a creative starting point we will use two simple techniques: layering of colours and patterns to suggest our landscape, or using a favourite/interesting fabric and building up a semi abstract background by making a composition of contrasting and complimentary fabrics. Stitching and embellishment will follow on and once the scene is set we can bring it to life by adding animals/birds/flowers and other features of the landscape using appliqué, templates and embroidery.

Student requirements

A selection of coloured threads

A small scrapbag of materials (natural fibres are good and not too heavy weight).Hopefully to swap and share.

Sewing Machine


A hand sewing kit: pins, needle, thread, and a few silks for any finishing touches.

Reference materials, if you have something specific in mind do bring a sketch, a reference book or a printout of your photo along.