Quilting as an expressive line


1 Day

Sun, 17th March, 2019

10:00am - 4:00pm

Quilting has the practical purpose of holding the three layers of a quilt together, but it also has decorative and sculptural effects, which can enormously enhance pieced or appliquéd patchwork. Quilting needs special consideration if it is going to be fully exploited. It uses line rather than shape (though shapes can be created). Colour and value contrasts are generally far subtler than they are in patchwork with its defined areas of colour and light/dark contrast.

This workshop aims to explore some of the possibilities of the quilted line. We will consider the elements that make quilting successful and how to exploit the expressive qualities of the quilting stitch and line. This is a design class rather than a technique class but technique can be discussed briefly if wished.


  • -Any drawings, magazine cuttings, photographs, diagrams, natural objects etc. that you have found or made. Look specifically at anything with interesting lines. Try to find time to gather a small, varied collection that appeals to you.
  • -A4 plain white paper
  • -Tracing paper, this does not have to be the expensive stuff, a W.H.Smith A4 pad is fine, but baking paper is not very useful.
  • -Pencils, pencil sharpener, rubber, ruler, set-square
  • -A few colouring pencils, compass and flexible curve if you have them. I will bring spares.
  • -Fine black felt-tipped pen
  • -There may be time to discuss quilting for work that you have in progress or are planning, if you wish to do this, bring the quilt or plans with you.