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Rust Marks


2 Day Workshop

Sat, 4th September, 2021 to Sun, 5th September, 2021

10:00am - 4:00pm

Learn about the potential for using found rusty objects for printing and dyeing on paper and cloth. Using an experimental approach and found metal we will explore methods for transferring marks from rusty metal onto papers and fabrics. We will respond to and add to our marks with hand stitch to develop a series of samples or starting points for further work. Bring along some rusty objects of your own and see what potential they hold.

Basic materials are provided by tutor.

Participants are asked to bring along:

their own range of papers and fabric to experiment with (plain, natural and white or off-white are best – cotton, linen, silk)

any small found rusty metal objects (nails, washers, old cans, rusty tools etc.)

basic hand sewing kit, including scissors, needles, pins


notebook & camera if wanted

a plastic tray (cat litter tray is ideal) or similar if possible