Textile Illustrations


1 Day

Sun, 19th September, 2021

10:00am - 4:00pm

Turn a favourite view, landscape, seascape, or harbour scene into a fabric picture.

Working on a small scale you will learn how to simplify and translate your own photographs or sketched images into a piece of textile art. We will cover composition, colour, sketching, appliqué, and embroidery perse techniques. The ideal project for using up scraps of fabric that you have been hording! We will add the details and “drawn” parts of our pictures by machine or hand stitching. End the day by mounting your piece of work.


-An image to work from.

A sketch, picture or photograph of a landscape, seascape, harbour scene. (Please be aware of copyright issues, and bring along images that you have been given permission to use).

- Pencil/pen for marking paper

-Plain paper

-Tracing paper

-Paper scissors

Sewing requirements:

-Basic sewing kit

-Sewing machine (all stitching can be undertaken by machine or hand. This is entirely your choice), but please make sure you can drop your ‘feed dogs’. Bringing your manual is sometimes useful.

-1mtr fusible webbing such as ‘bondaweb’

- Medium weight calico or similar light coloured fabric for backing your picture

- Selection of patterned (small – med patterns, although some larger patterns can work) and plain fabrics. Pick out colours that match the colour scheme in your image or photograph. These pieces of fabric can be small scraps.

- Scissors, small embroidery scissors and a medium pair for cutting out larger pieces of fabric.

- Selection of machine and hand sewing threads in the colours of your chosen fabric. Consider harmonious and complimentary colours also.

- Tweezers, optional.

- Travel Iron and protective surface to use it on (a padded mat/tea towels work well). I will bring a supply of mounts with me in which to frame your piece of work at the end of the day for a cost of £2.00.